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England - Summer 2009

From Sun, 19 Jul 2009 until Sat, 15 Aug 2009

England - Summer 2009

Added on Sun, 19 Jul 2009 22:12 GMT+0, from England

Hello my friends!

In the morning of Sunday, 19. July, Damaris collected me and took me to the airport. When we arrived, we still had a lot of time left that we could spend at the airport. So we waited for the other two girls (Julia and Alexandra), who were going to accompany us during the flight to London and during all the time in England.

The first thing we experienced before leaving was that nearly everybody realized that he had forgotten some important items at home. For my share it was the power-adapter, which I need to connect all my electronic devices to the british plugs. That's why I looked for a shop to buy it, and of course I found one (very expensive).
Anyway, the second thing we already experienced before leaving was the pain in some people's stomach, because they wouldn't see their boy-friends and girl-friends for a long time. But that feeling volatilised very quickly during the journey to England.

Our plane finally departed at 2:25pm (GMT+1, German Time) and we arrived at London Stansted Airport at 2:40pm (GMT+0, British Time), so the flight took about 75 minutes.
After collecting the luggage, we needed to show our ID again before exiting the transit lounge (that was surprising to me, because we were still in the European Union). To my sorrow the doorman hesitated as he saw the portrait on my ID, because my hair had been very, very long on that picture. But after two minutes he allowed even me to pass.

The first step was successfully done. But we still had a long trip to Bournemouth.
We went out of the airport, straight to the bus stop, waiting for the bus, which would take us to Victoria Coach Station in a trip of more than 90 minutes. The second bus departed towards Bournemouth one hour later. This trip took about 2.5 hours.


At about 9:00pm we asked a taxi to take us to our hostfamilies.

I don't know what the others did as soon as they had arrived at their hostfamilies' house, but I was very tired, could hardly keep my eyes open and wanted to fall asleep soon.
I just had a short conversation with my hostfather and hostmother and they showed me my bedroom and the bathroom (the two most important things). A few minutes later, my roommate Anreas came home from his night program in Bournemouth city.

Since we both were tired, we went to bed.

A horribly stressy day is over and tomorrow will start soon, with language school at the Westbourne Academy. I'm really excited!

Of course I will keep you up to date and add some more posts about the following days and weeks in Bournemouth.

Have a nice time, mates ...

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My first experiences

Added on Sun, 26 Jul 2009 17:07 GMT+0, from England

Hey, I'm here again!

The first few days are gone and the settling in period is over now!

The last Monday was also a really stressy and exciting day for all the new students, which had arrived that day. First thing was, that we (some germans, who live near together in Parkstone) got to know the bus network of Bournemouth, the busses of which are very often unpunctual. As life goes, we missed the bus to the Westbourne Academy, and we had to call a taxi. But fortunately the taxies in England are not as expensive like in Germany.
As soon as had arrived at the school and sat down in the lounge, we had to write an initial test in order to group all the students in six different English skill levels. I have joined the "Advanced" level, which is level six of six. My afternoon class (A12) starts at 1:30pm and ends at 5:00pm and there is a break from 3:00pm to 3:30pm every day. Additionally I have an Extended Class (Business English) every Friday in the morning, from 9:30am to 11:00am and from 11:30am to 1:00pm. This time table applys to most german students of our group, which is very favourable for us, thus we are able to go out very long in most of the evenings (because in the mornings we can just sleep until midday or work on my Leonardo da Vinci-Project).

Since the Westbourne Academy is an internationally well known language school, it is full of foreign pupils and students, who came from all over the world. Every Monday several new students get introduced and devided into classes.
This fact made us germans feel even better, because all the students - without exception - were nice and nobody did hesitate to talk to others.
That produced a friendly athmosphere at school and also in the freetime. Every evening - after having dinner - all different origins mixed in smaller or bigger groups and went out.

The following evenings have been very interesting and funny, as we could experience the Nightlife of Bournemouth. All the people, whom we asked for information about the best locations of Nightlife, directed us the "Bournemouth Pier" and "Bournemouth Square". Those two places are directly neighbouring and provide hundreds of bars and clubs or just places to "chill out". The latter is for example the big, green, beautiful park, which connects Bournemouth Square and Bournemouth Pier at the beach. The beach is another place to chill out. There are several busses in Bourmouth, which can regularly take you from A to B, anywhere in teh city; the bus lines m1 and m2 are the most popular ones, which stop at Square and Pier as well.

In the first evening we didn't go out, because we had had a very exhausting day. But in the following evenings we went out and tested out some of the locations:

For the evening on Tuesday, July 21st, some other students had recommended to us a karaoke bar called "woodman", which is located on the "Pooleroad". This is a bar, where everybody is able to choose songs and sing them into a microphone in front of all the people. The thing is, everyone does it, no matter how well or bad he sings. That's a really funny thing. As I told you, all the people in Bournemouth mix well and are sociable. Thus we got to know seven or eight people from Spain, Poland, Slowakia and Italy and we talked to them all evening. At about 1:00am in the night we went home.

On the next day, we - the germans - went out through the park in direction to the beach. Then we saw the "Pier". The Pier is some kind of a half bridge over the water, which holds a theater on itself.

Every Friday, a small firework is performed at Bournemouth Pier; a boat moves onto the water and blows up the firecracker. That's what we watched in the evening before another interesting day.
Yesterday we drove to Oxford by bus in a big group and were guided through the most interesting places of the city, e.g. the famous Oxford University. I bought a "Oxford University" T-Shirt in a shop (as an evidence for having been there).

Today I went shopping in a big Shopping Center in Poole.

You want to know more detail about the first week?
Then just look at the pictures, they tell more than words!

Greetings from England, from a very satisfied Dave!
See you soon ...

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Leisure Time

Added on Sun, 02 Aug 2009 20:41 GMT+0, from England

Hi mates!

Seems as if I can afford time to write you every weekend. That'd be a good rhythm!

Anyway, last Monday I walked along the beach with Patrick and two girls from Poland and Slowakia (Paulina and Nikola) in the afternoon. The weather was okay and it hasn't been too cold. At the same evening we wanted to visit the V-Club (a discoteque in a big church), but the queue has been very long and we were told that the club is already nearly full; that's why we discarded our plan, just went around in the city and returned home early.

As some organizers sometimes throw flyers around in the cafeteria at school, we saw a flyer about the Bar:[Me] Club, which is located in Bournemouth Center. So after we both Andy and me had had a very delicious dinner with our hostfamily (look at the pictures) we took the m1 to Bournemouth Center and entered the club. It's a very nice (and loud) place to just drink and dance and watch some funny games, which are performed on the stage. The games are moderated by a staff member and any guest is able to join in. That day the players did something like fishing an apple out of a bucket full of water with the mouth, finding a pea on a plate full of flour and something like this.

In the next evening - after anoth good dinner - I went into the "Moonbar" (Moon In the Square) at Bournemourh Square with my friends from Oman, Kasachstan and Germany. The Moonbar is also a big bar, in two floors, right comfortable and not too loud!

On Friday my class said good bye to a student, who finished his Advanced English Course that day. His name is Huan David, very pleasant!

On Saturday we drove to London, same way as we drove to Oxford last week. I don't need to tell many words about that city; just look at the pictures. All the explanations can be seen at the bottom of every picture.

Today we were / are very exhausted because last day's program. So Andy, Patrick and me have been laying on the bedd in my host family and watching TV since about 12 o'clock this midday. We're still just laying here and it's nearly 9 o'lock in the evening :)

Perhaps your thinking at what times we work on our projects or homework from school?!
Usually we do it in the mornings before school (as school starts only in the midday), and sometimes we do it in the evening, if there are no further plans with other students. The last Tuesday was such a day!

That's all for now!

See you soon, at least on the next weekend ... :-)

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More Activities in Bournemouth

Added on Sun, 09 Aug 2009 20:02 GMT+0, from England

Hello my friends!!

The third week is over and I'm very exhausted!
On Monday we went Bowling next to the Woodman Karaoke Bar. This time, there was enough space for us to start a match with 10 people (and we wan !!).
And I have to give you an advice: Never stand on the pavement in a group of people in Britain. If someone comes along and wants to pass the group, he or she would rather wrestle through the group than go around. That's what we experienced on that afternoon.

My arabic friends invited me to Hilal's house on the next day and they cooked some arabic food. It was the first time I tasted that, but I liked it very much! This day already seemed to be a very rainy day. After dinner, as we went outside in order to go the Woodman Karaoke bar again, it started to rain cats and dogs; so we were drenched when we arrived at the bar. But My friends could not convince me to sing on the stage.

On the next day, we had an incident at school, as one student pushed a button for fire alarm and all the students and teachers had to converge in front of the school building. Ten minutes later the School Principal came outside with the student and told us something like: "This has neither been a real fire alarm, nor a fire drill. You had just to hurry outside, because this student [pointing on him] pushed the fire alarm button". So we went in again.
After school, Andy and I went home and layed down in the garden for the rest of the day, because it was very warm outside. Our host parents also came outside and brought dinner from the KFC!

On Friday, we have had a much more healthy dinner in an italian restaurant in Bournemouth Center with all the Germans. In the evening we watched the weekly fireworks a the beach again.

The weekend was the most beautiful time this week, because the weather was very nice and the temperature was between comfortable and too warm. That's why we spent all the time at the beach yesterday and today. On the two days we went to the beach with some friends from Germany, Italy, Kasachstan and Oman.

So that was the third week in England and there is only one week left!
I hope this week will be great and I'm looking forward to seeing you all again in Germany!!

See you soon ;-)

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Last week is over - Leaving

Added on Sat, 15 Aug 2009 10:43 GMT+0, from England

"So you're leaving, in the morning, on the early train ..."

Unfortunately this is the last time I write you from Bournemouth. I hope I can return some day!

So the last week is over and we have had a lot of fun in that time!
On Monday we went to the Moonbar in order so meet some friends again, who would leave Tuesday. Then we decided go to the Woodman Karaoke Bar on Tuesday evening for the last time. That's when I planned to sing a few songs over there. As soon as we arrived in the Bar, I sang "Yellow Submarine" from The Beatles with my friend Angel and a little later I sang "Time Of My Life" from Dirty Dancing with Chantal and Patricia. I wanted to sing another long later, but the Bar was closed very early that day, so I didn't get the chance.

For the next day, some classmates of mine organized a small party at the Bournemouth Beach for the evening, for which some of our teacher had been invited as well. I enjoyed it very much, because I talked to some people, which I never talked to before.

The last interesting thing we experienced in that week was the last evening, which we celebrated in the Moonbar with all our friends. Many people came there on that evening, because a mass of students were going o leave in the following morning (like our german group). This was also the last chance to exchange some adresses or other contact information between all the students, because we would probably not see each other any more.

As you can see, we / I have made a lot of picture during the trip in England, in order to be able to log the activities!

So, I just packed my stuff into my suitcase and I'm going to leave my hostparents' house in about 50 minutes.

Now a message to all the people I got to know in England:
I enjoyed the time with you very much and I hope to see you again some time!
Have a nice time, mates!!

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