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Munich in Dec 2011

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Marienplatz and surrounding

Added on Sat, 10 Dec 2011 22:39 GMT+1, from Germany

Ho ho ho,

it's becoming cold slowly, but temperature has not been below zero yet. Instead it rained a little, although I expected to see snow here in Munich in December.

Anyhow, Alex and me were invited to visit two friends - Flo and Julia - in Munich, after Flo had been back home in the Eifel for a few days. So we took the flight on Thu Dec 8th, at 3.00pm from Cologne to Munich, everything went fine, the plane departed and arrived in time and we arrived at Flo's flat around 6.30pm. The flat is really nice, in a quiet area, that seems more like a huge village rather than a city. That's why Munich is also known as the "biggest village in the world".
After we dropped our baggage, we went to the next EDEKA supermarket and bought food and drinks for the next days. On that evening we made pizza for dinner and stayed at home afterwards, as we were quite exhausted. Instead, Flo mixed a few drinks with Absolute Vodka and Coke, with less alcohol than usual.

Yesterday, both Flo and Julia had to work early. Alex and I got up around 9.00am, had breakfast and then took the bus and subway to "Marienplatz" (English: Mary's Square), Munich's main square in the city center. This place is not only a huge shopping area, but also is dominated by many beautiful spots, like the New City Hall, the "Frauenkirche" (English: "Cathedral of Our Dear Lady") and the "Mariensäule" (English: Mary's Column). The whole Mary's place is built-up with trees and huts of a large Christmas Fair. All trees and small lanes are wonderfully decorated with fairy lights and other Christmas stuff. Really beautiful!

In the afternoon we met a friend of mine called Melissa. You might remember her from my this year's Southeast Asia trip, since I got to know her in Thailand, while I was waiting for the ferry. She had started to study in Munich this year and thus she could show us around in the area close to the university. We walked through some buildings of the university, including the main building, which is really amazing. When entering through the main entrance, we came into the "Lichthof" (English: something like "light yard"), which is still famous from the time of WW 2. At that time, two siblings (Sophie and Hans Scholl) formed a resistance group, but they were caught while distributing anti-government fliers. However, the group had already grown by many people and was named "Weiße Rose" (English: "White Rose"). Between the to buildings of the university's main campus, we could also see memorials for this group, showing examples of the fliers.
Not far from this place, we walked to a large public park called "Englischer Garten" (English: English Garden). It's a beautiful wide-spread area in the center of Munich and during the week crowded by many students, as it is close to the university's main campus. During this time of year, it's also ground for some Christmas fair huts, that we passed when going back to the city.

That's everything we did about sightseeing yesterday.
We went home, got refreshed again and finished the evening with many drinks in some bars close to "Muenchner Freiheit" train station with Flo.

Today, we slept long and had breakfast late. At about 3.00pm we left for the city again, this time with Flo and Julia.
Since we all were hungry, we went to an awesome Sushi Bar in the city and had a great meal. As you might know I really love Sushi! So it didn't cost much energy to persuade me :)
Unfortunately, I had forgotten to bring my camera to the city yesterday, so I brought it today and took some pictures. But when we arrived at Marienplatz today, it was already dark. Nevertheless, the pictures I took from the Cathedral, the Mary's Column and the whole festive decorated streets and buildings are really beautiful! Enjoy them!

Next time when I'm in Munich I will take more pictures at day and try to see the places again that we saw yesterday.

Well, that's it! Tomorrow I'm going to meet a friend

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