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Berlin in November 2011

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Journey to Berlin

Added on Fri, 04 Nov 2011 22:01 GMT+1, from Germany

Hey guys.

I'm writing to you from Berlin again!!
This time, Christian and I wanted to show a friend called Tatjana around in the city, because she has not be here before.

Today in the morning, Christian and I collected Eileen at Bonn Central Station and Tatjana in Cologne Porz and started our journey to Berlin in my car. The traffic was quiet okay, although we had one short traffic jam near Cologne and had to navigate around some other traffic jams in Berlin. Anyhow, we managed to arrive in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg at about 7pm. While waiting for a friend from Kiel called Matthias, who is fortunately able to host us here in his family's flat, we went to a supermarket called “Kaisers” and bought ingredients for hotdogs that we planned to prepare for dinner. After dinner, we went outside for the first time, in order to show Tatjana some beautiful places, that are worth to be seen at night. Two of those were the “Brandenburger Tor” near “Unter den Linden” as well as Friedrichstraße.
One of the first things that Christian told me about that area is that Matthias' flat is really close to the place, where my colleague and good friend Luke used to live, before he took off for his world trip.
Yesterday evening was not meant to become too exhausting for us though. So, we finished the evening with several Früh Kölsch beers, that we brought from Cologne. A very special thing about our place to live over here is the balcony with it's fantastic view over the city-roofs and especially the Berlin Television Tower! I took loads of photos of the tower and the streets below. Enjoy them!

The first day is over and we're tired!

See you tomorrow! ...

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Added on Sat, 05 Nov 2011 23:58 GMT+1, from Germany

Today, we got up at 8.15am and had an awesome breakfast in the living-room.
The first destination for today was the KaDeWe, a huge shopping mall in the very west of Berlin. It's just a casual thing that every tourist hast to see, when he/she is in Berlin for the first time. But they usually don't really buy much stuff there, because it's way too expensive (not cheap like in Southeast Asia). One good thing about this place is another great view over Berlin, or at least the western Part. After that we took the train to Alexanderplatz. We passed the Television Tower, the Berlin City Hall (Berliner Rathaus) and also entered the Berlin Cathedral. And this part was very interesting to me, as there was a guide about to explain details about the building itself as well as the religious and historical background. A funny thing I recognized was the name, that is written on the top of the organ. Check the picture for that! We were also told to enter the Cathedral's museum and the outside top floor, which allowed us to walk around the semi-spherical roof and take lots of photos. That's what we did. The sun was already standing low and we saw it would set soon. Of course the Cathedral is also beautiful building from the outside and built next to a wide garden, from which you can see the chancellery. The garden is called pleasure garden (German name: Lustgarten).
Our last sightseeing station for today was the Victory Column (German: “Siegessäule”) or Golden Lizzy (German: “Goldelse”). It was built in the 19th century to commemorate the Prussian victory in the Prussian-Danish War and carries 35 tons weighing sculpture of Victoria. The column is open to tourists and can be climbed to the top. But we did not to it this time, because there were too many people waiting. However, I have already climbed it a few years ago.

Well, that's all of sightseeing for this time – almost.
To finish the evening, we went to a Cocktail Bar called Timeless (German: Zeitlos), located at Savignyplatz, which is not far from Berlin Central Station and Friedrichstraße.

As I said before, it was “almost” the end of the day. Before we went home, we took the train to Potsdamer Platz, in order to see the famous Sony Center. The Center contains many bars/restaurants, cinemas, a huge fountain in the middle, hotels, offices, art and film museums, an IMAX theater and a “Sony Style” store and shows a very futuristic and urban design.

Now, that's it.
We're tired and unfortunately, we're going home tomorrow. We probably won't have the time to see more things tomorrow.

So, enjoy the pictures and see you soon!
(I'll be writing from Munich soon)

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