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Berlin in June 2011

From Fri, 10 Jun 2011 until Sun, 12 Jun 2011

Two days in Berlin

Added on Tue, 21 Jun 2011 19:41 GMT+1, from Germany

And Berlin!!! again!

This time, a very good friend of mine went to Berlin on June 9th in order to visit his relatives. He asked me to come to Berlin for the weekend as well.
Thus, I booked a flight from Cologne to Berlin. And the first complications started after check-in, when I was waiting for boarding in front of the gate. The plane, which was supposed to depart at 5:55PM from Cologne to Berlin Tegel, was delayed for at least 170 minutes. So, the airline offered me to change my booking free of charge, allowing me to leave at 7:50PM instead of 8:50PM.
Nevertheless, I arrived in Berlin safely 55 minutes later and took the train to Savigny-Platz to meet Christian and his friends in a Cocktail bar.
After some cool and refreshing cocktails we went to Thorsten's flat in Berlin Treptow. I was really tired after this demanding day and I fell asleep almost instantly.

Everytime I come to Berlin, I have this feeling of pleasure! Since I've been there very often on business trips for my former employer, I know it quiet well and know many nice places to walk around and chill out. And of course I know many people and have many friends over there, which is one more reason to go there from time to time!

On the next day, we went to a good friend and former collegue Luke in Berlin Mitte, where we would stay for the following night. After having great self-made hamburgers for lunch, Christian took me to Berlin Schoeneweide and showed me around in those parts of Berlin he used to live until the age of seven.
Berlin Schoeneweide, as well as Treptow, is in the eastern part of Berlin, which used to be devided from the western part by the Berlin wall. This part of the city shows many beautiful and green places, beside old and rundown houses, old factories, which are not meant to be repaired again.
Just see the pictures!
During our journey through the southeast part of Berlin, we stopped at a pub, where Christian got an Erdinger and I took a typical "Berliner Weisse", which is available with two different tastes: Sweet woodroof and cherry.
After finishing our walk, we drove directly to the standard Irish Pub I visit every time I'm in Berlin. It is located in the basement of the Europacenter in Berlin Charlottenburg, includes a large area of bar, tables, chairs, benches, ... and very often the great atmosphere is supported by live-bands. Luckily, we chose the right day, so that we could listen British live-band as well!
Another thing I love about Berlin is the sociableness of all people, who are from the city originally! This is very different from those people in the west of Germany.
As a result, we (Luke, Christian and me) came into contact with two other girls and one guy, who were sitting at the table next to us. We talked a lot and played cardgames for the whole evening, while enjoying some beers, ciders and other British or Irish specialties.

On Sunday, we had to leave already at noon, unfortunately.
Actually, we wanted to take the train to Cologne, but we found a cheaper way by joining a guy, who was going to Cologne by car. We payed his fuel and had a relaxing and cheap journey home.

It's been a very spontaneous and awesome trip to Berlin!
Now, I am looking forward to my trip to Southeast Asia, which is going to start on July 13th.

See you then, mates!

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