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Weekend in Marburg

From Fri, 18 Mar 2011 until Sun, 20 Mar 2011

Marburg and surrounding

Added on Mon, 21 Mar 2011 01:09 GMT+1, from Germany

Hay mates!!

It didn't take too long between my last trip (England) and this trip I'm going to tell you about, now.

Since we didn't meet for about 6 months, I wanted to visit a very good friend of mine (Katharina) near Marburg. That's what I did.
On Friday, I departed at 5pm and arrivied at 10pm, after 2.5 hrs of traffic jam, which occurred due to a full-closure of a motorway in NRW.
Well, of course we didn't do much that evening.

Yesterday, Kath took me to Marburg by car and gave me a very nice, personal tour through the city and to the most beautiful places of the city!
There is a river called "Lahn" running through the city, lots of bars / pubs / restaurants / caf├ęs overall, many small alleys ... really cute places spread!
Let me say, it's an ideal place for students. Life would be extremely funny, especially in summers!

Well, at that same evening, we opened a bottle of medium sweet white-wine and had some bread with cheese and stuff. Awesome!

Just see the pictures for any details!

See you soon!

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