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Trip to Maastricht

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Trip to Maastricht

Added on Sun, 23 May 2010 19:40 GMT+1, from Netherlands

Hello again!

Today I'm writing you about my daytrip to a city called "Maastricht" in the Netherlands.

In the morning at about 10 AM I took off to an 80 minutes journey to the Netherlands with my family. We spontaneously decided to walk through a city, which is said to be very beautiful.
The first likely thing we recognized while driving through the streets of that country was the fact, that in the hierarchical scheme in the traffic is a little different from the German one. Next to the walkers, the bikers claim to have the highest rank in the traffic and thus they ride around, without watching the streets. And beneath all the other dutch vehicles there are the foreign vehicles. You have to be careful all the time in order not to know a biker down.

Anyway, we walked through the city and started at the river called "Maas". Firstly, we took some cool drinks in a bar called "DEKADANS" near the river. My parents wanted to see the area of the University's faculties and all the surrounding beautiful parks. Since we have had a apparent air temperature of about 28 to 30 degrees, just walked for a few hours and then sat down again in a restaurant called "BRASSERIE AMADEUS" for having lunch. After a few more kilometers walking through the city, we decided to have an ice cream before backing home. And I can tell you, it is hard to find a bar to sit down in, which offers ice cream. But finally we found one.

We arrived at home at about 6:30 PM.

Just look at the pictures, which tell more that all these words!

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