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Spring in South-Germany

From Tue, 30 Mar 2010 until Sun, 04 Apr 2010

Spring in South-Germany

Added on Tue, 30 Mar 2010 18:37 GMT+1, from Germany

Hey my friends!

I didn't write for a long time. But now, as I finished the project for the final examinations of my apprenticeship, I need some days off. That's why I took to train (ICE 23) from Bonn to Regensburg. Unfortunately, it had a delay of about one hour and it ended non-scheduled in Frankfurt a.M. main station. There I had to wait for another 60 minutes and then take the ICE 25 to Regensburg. I arrived at 13:30, although my initial ticket said I should arrive at 11:22.
As I arrived in Sünching by regional train, I had dinner with my uncle and my aunt.

That was enough program for the first day. We plan to visit Regensburg and Passau in the following days, before I'm going to drive home on Saturday, Apr. 3rd.

Of course I will tell about my experiences in a few days.

Bye ...

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Walhalla and Regensburg

Added on Thu, 01 Apr 2010 21:12 GMT+1, from Germany

Here I am again!

Since the weather has been unexpectedly nice and warm yesterday (agains the weather forecast), I decided to drive around and take some photos.
So I drove to village called "Donaustauf", which is next to the river "Donau". From this village I was able to walk to the memorial "Walhalla". It is a big temple, containing 193 figures and memorial plaques, which shall remind of people or groups of people, who are somehow connected to the German history.
After that I drove to Regensburg and went through the city until the early evening.

Today I drove to Regensburg by train again in order to see some interesting places. I love those colourful houses as well as the houses in Gothic or Baroque Style. Regensburg is a very beautiful city. See for yourself!

That were the first two days. Let's see what the last two days will bring.

See you then!

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Schärding and Passau

Added on Sat, 03 Apr 2010 19:17 GMT+1, from Austria

Hey mates!
This is the last post for this trip.
The day before yesterday, my aunt and my uncle suggested me to visit the city Passau, which directly borders to the Austrian country. So yesterday morning, we started driving to Passau by car at about 11:00AM. Unfortunately, we go into a traffic jam on the motorway immediately; that's why we arrived at hour first destination (in a city called Schärding) one hour late, at about 13:00AM. This city is traversed by the river "Inn" and it is located in the North or Austria, quiet next to Passau. There are a lot of beautiful places, among other things the colourful houses, even more colourful than in Regensburg. Just see by yourself on the pictures!

The second step was the trip to Passau. It is called the "city of three rivers": Ilz, Inn and Donau. The most interesting for me as a musician has been the Dome of Passau - german: Stepahns Dom - which contains the world's largest church organ.

Unfortunately, this was the last full day in south Germany. Today we drove to Regensburg for the last time and visited the favoured pub garden of my Family: The "Spitalgarten".
Now I have been sitting in the train back to Bonn since 16:30, hoping the train will arrive punctual this time! ...

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