Dave On Tour

Picture Gallery - Overview

Latin Club / Getting a car for Uluru (11 pictures)

Brisbane, Ekka (29 pictures)

Southbank Beach / Semester Opening Party / Lamington National Park (30 pictures)

Orientation Week / Colombian Independence Day / Gold Coast (45 pictures)

The first two weeks (13 pictures)

Marienplatz and surrounding (17 pictures)

Sightseeing (38 pictures)

Journey to Berlin (13 pictures)

Journey to Ko Pha-Ngan (12 pictures)

Taman Negara jungle (55 pictures)

Kuala Lumpur (34 pictures)

Sightseeing in Melaka (36 pictures)

Dinner and Midnight Market in Melaka (13 pictures)

Couchsurfing and journey to Malaysia (17 pictures)

Singapore (23 pictures)

Two days in Berlin (no pictures)

Marburg and surrounding (23 pictures)

Arriving in Southampton (10 pictures)

Last days in Singapore, Leaving (no pictures)
Jungle, Khao Yai and Bangkok again (39 pictures)

Bangkok and Khao Yai (22 pictures)

Phnom Penh, Siem Reap (34 pictures)

City of Jakarta (37 pictures)

Arriving in Jakarta (19 pictures)

Little India, Esplanade (6 pictures)

Chinatown, Youth Olympics (33 pictures)

First day in Singapore (30 pictures)

Southeast Asia (19 pictures)

Trip to Maastricht (24 pictures)

Schärding and Passau (21 pictures)

Walhalla and Regensburg (29 pictures)

Spring in South-Germany (no pictures)

Last week is over - Leaving (39 pictures)

More Activities in Bournemouth (40 pictures)

Leisure Time (37 pictures)

My first experiences (35 pictures)

England - Summer 2009 (11 pictures)