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Phnom Penh, Siem Reap

Added on Sun, 05 Sep 2010 18:12 GMT+7, from Cambodia

Hello again!

Yes, I could really manage to get up early in the morning on Friday in order to take the Bus to Siem Reap. A nice girl from the reception could book the tickets for me and just charged 198000 Dong (the currency in Vietnam), which is about 7.84 Euro.
On that way I got to know a nice guy from France in my age, who will accompany during my next few steps through Cambodia up to Bangkok.
Finally, we arrived in Phnom Penh after a 6-hours journey and it took us about 10 minutes to find an accommodation for the next night only in a near Hostel. After checking in, we walked along the river in direction to the south, until we reached the Royal Palace and Silver Pagoda. They're really beautiful grounds and it's worth coming to Phnom Penh just for seeing those. A a finish of the day, we had dinner in a cute restaurant and went to our Hostel afterwards.

On the next morning, we took already the next Bus to Siem Reap. Actually, we had planned to go by boat over the river, but due to organizational problems of our booking ajency we couldn't. After another 5-hours bus-trip we arrived in Siem Reap on that rainy day. We just got drenched on the way out from the bus to the station. A Tuk Tuk driver of our Hotel collected us over there and brought us to the Hotel (New Riverside Hotel, Siem Reap) immediately. Yesterday in the evening, we just had dinner in the Hotel Restaurant and went to a Nightclub afterwards.

Although we got home very late and we were (ofcourse) very tired in the morning, we had to get up quiet early today, because our very nice Tuk Tuk driver collected us at the Hotel at about 9:00 AM and took us around to most of the temples in the North of Siem Reap (the probably best known temples we saw, were Angkor Wat and Angkor Thom, which are also the biggest ones in this area.
And without a doubt I can say, these were the most impressive two places I've seen here in the Mekong-Region up till now! But, as you know, pictures tell more than words, I so suggest you to just look through my pictures, which I'm gonna upload now.
By the way, the weather was much better today. We could enjoy our time in the temples, because it was really sunny and warm (probably a little too warm)!

Tomorrow in the morning, we'll leave for Bangkok. For thaty we're gonna take the bus to Poipet (a city near the border to Thailand) and then take the train for crossing the border.
Anyway, as we're planning to go out again tonight, I'm hurrying up now. So, have a good time over there and see you soon!!

!!! EDIT:
I was just uploading the photos of Angkor Wat, when an electricity loss occurred in the whole Hotel. As all the pictures, which I copied to the computer before, are gone now an the speed of the computer is very slow, I'll take a reak for now, because we're going to the city again.
But don't worry: More pictures from all the temples will follow tomorrow, as I arrive in Bangkok.

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