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Arriving in Jakarta

Added on Sun, 29 Aug 2010 16:17 GMT+7, from Indonesia

Hey my friends!

This time I'm writing you from Jakarta (on Java Island), the Capital of Indonesia.
After arriving at the Soekarno Hatta Intl Airport in Jakarta I had a little trouble immediately. I went to the immigration officer to obtain my visa for Indonesia. But he sent me back to a small counter for buying the Visa first. So I went over there, without Cash, just a Credit Card. Of course they didn't accept any Credit-, Debit- or EC-Cards, neither there was a cash machine for taking money. So, I had to discuss with the officer, until he took my passport, sent me out of the international Globe Ground to take money at a cash machine. I went back on the Globe Ground to the counter, payed my Visa, took the receipt to the Officer and finally obtained my Visa. A really horrible trip!

However, the next thing was the trip to my CouchSurfer's house, which is quiet far away from the airport. I had to take a taxi. After finishing baggage claim, Several taxi companies offered their services. So, I took one, which looked serious. They told me a price and brought me to my CS' house.

The first crazy thing about Jakarta (or whole Indonesia) I realized while sitting in the taxi were the non-existent traffic rules. All cars and motorbikes and any other kind of vehicle seems to be the "king of the road". Neither the lines on the road, nor the signals are being noticed (why should they?!). And it's even worse, not describable!

Well, finally I arrived in my temporary home and got to know a really kind and nice family and their friends. In the same afternoon I ate some typical Indonesian food (a soup and noodles) and in a group of 4 to 8 people we walked through the big shopping malls "kelapa gading" in the north of Jakarta. After buying some necessary stuff for surviving in this city, after some beers in a cool bar and some conversations with really nice people, we got home quiet late at night.

The result: We got up late the next morning! We talked about our plans for today and the next days. My CS' (Philip) parents offered to take us around in several parts of Jakarta tonight. We accepted that. I'm very happy I got to know those nice people and am looking forward to having a nice evening / night with the whole family!

And I hope I will have something to tell you about tomorrow...

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City of Jakarta

Added on Thu, 02 Sep 2010 19:24 GMT+7, from Indonesia


Well, what can I say? I arrived in Vietnam just for Stopover. Tomorrow I'm gonna take the Bus to Phnom Penh, which will leave at 7:30. So, I want to get to bed early.

For the last days in Jakarta I spent a lot of time in the City of Jakarta.
As I told you before, I was about to leave to the City on last Sunday. And yeah, I was very surprised about what kind of different places Jakarta provides to the Tourists. On the one hand very old quarters, rundown houses, markets just on a carpet at a large area in front of the Pos Indonesia, and on the other hand the big Shopping Malls in a row, expensive restaurants and green parks.
Just see the pictures! I will start to upload them now and add further information about all the places and stuff later.

Anyway, have a nice afternoon and see you soon

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