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Southeast Asia

Added on Wed, 25 Aug 2010 00:49 GMT+8, from Singapore

Hello from Singapore to the rest of the world!

After a 6 hrs flight from Frankfurt to Dubai and a 7 hrs flight from Dubai to Singapore Changi Intl. Airport I arrived in the 5-million people metropolis Singapore.
Burkhard collected me at the MRT Station near the Terminal 2 in the airport.
The first thing I did to check-in at the Hotel for the first night. But that wasn't as easy as I expected, because I didn't know the address and my mobile had been switched off due to power loss. Nevertheless, a nice man saw me searching the streets and helped me finding my hotel by phoning a friend and asking for the address. Then he guided me to the Hotel.
After that I met Burkhard again and we went to many beautiful places in Singapore, ate something and drank a bear (for me, a traditional Singaporean one, really awesome).

In the gallery connected to this post you can will see pics from the journey as well as the places I visited today, such as the Esplanade with the Singapore Merlion, the lightshow they start in the evening and some pictures from downtown. I hope you enjoy them!

Well now, above you see what time it is here now and I'm heading to bed soon.

So, have a nice time mates!

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First day in Singapore

Added on Thu, 26 Aug 2010 15:08 GMT+8, from Singapore

Hey hey!

The first night in the Hotel I slept quiet okay, but actually I don't like the location of that hotel very much (if you wanna know why, just ask me). Thus, I checked out after the first night and now slept in a Hostel called "Sleepy Sam's", which is located in the Arabic quarter near the Sultan Mosque (you can see it on the pictures).

Yesterday I met up a very nice Malaysian guy, who's been living in Singapore for many year now due to Studying. He guided me around in the Arabic quarter. We saw the street market on the Arab Street, the Sultan Mosque next to my Hostel and the whole Kampong Glam area. Kampong Glam is the name of that Arabic quarter (Kampong means Village). I love this place and I'm really happy that I can live in a hostel quiet in the Middle! When you look at the pictures you will see those small houses and shops on the street, the Coconut trees on both sides and so on ... just beautiful!!

We entered the City Library and went up by lift, in order to have a great view over the city! The design of that building is quiet interesting (see the pictures).

After that we took some stations with the MRT train to the Dhoby Ghaut Station and went to the Orchard Road, which is a very long (and partly quiet expensive) shopping mile. You can compare it to the Ku'damm in Berlin, for example. We wandered through many big Shopping Centers, stood up on the OC (Orchard Central) for having another great night-view over the whole city. I love the pictures!!

A conspicuous thing about Singapore is that overall "Green" that you can see in the whole city. Nearly anywhere you look you see grass and trees (and it's funny, because it's always the same kind of trees).

My plan for this afternoon is Chinatown! Don't know yet what I'm doing in the evening. The plan for tomorrow is Sentosa Island. After that I will write here again, before I leave Singapore on Saturday.

Well, have a nice time, mates! Greetings from a very satisfied Dave!!!

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Chinatown, Youth Olympics

Added on Fri, 27 Aug 2010 02:17 GMT+8, from Singapore

Hello again!

This is probably the last time I write from Singapore, at least for this months.

Well, I told you about me Malaysian friend as my personal guide in Singapore. Yesterday I slept quiet long again, because I stayed awake until 3.00 AM in the night before. At noon I contacted my friend again and we took the MRT to Chinatown. As you might realize, there are several small "villages" in Singapore, which are related to other regions or countries in the world. The day before we've had the Arabic village Kampong Glam, yesterday we had Chinatown. In this city we saw Chinese shops in typical Chinese houses, Chinese food and Chinese temples.
In the Chinese calendar every month has a certain name and is related to a certain thing. This month, August 2010, is called the "month of the hungry ghosts", which means that the doors to hell are opened, so that the hungry ghosts can come out. Anywhere around the temple there are standing small plates with any kind of meals for those ghosts.
In the temple people are praying and can light up candles for the ghosts.
We also passed a Hindu temple, which we could not enter, because it was closed at that time.

From Chinatown we left for the Singapore River, which is surrounded by many shops, clubs and bars and stuff. And in the evenings it's lit up, thus it's really bright and very colourful! We slandered around next to the river in the place called Boat Quay.

In the same evening, the Youth Olympic Games, which took place in Singapore in 2010, were being closed with another big firework near Marina Bay, which we could easily reach from our position around the Singapore River.

That was the one of the last days in Singapore....

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Little India, Esplanade

Added on Sat, 28 Aug 2010 01:06 GMT+8, from Singapore

Hello for the last time ...

On Friday I slept until midday again. After breakfast I wanted to book my bed for one more night in the hostel, but unfortunately they where full for the following night. That's why I packed my suitcase and went out to find another suitable hostel for the last night in Singapore. I found the footprints backpackers hostel in Little India, which was not too expensive either.

Well, in this hostel I got to know a guy from Sri Lanka, with whom I went out to see Little India. As well as in Chinatown, I loved the small shops and everything in this little Indian village. After that I wanted to guide him to the Esplanade. In the Little India MRT Station we met a girl and I wondered whether she was German. And of course, she was! She had the same plan, so she accompanied us and we had a very nice evening at the Esplanade again, watching the Merlion, having cold drinks, making photos, etc.

Unfortunately, this was my last day in Singapore (at least for this month). So, tomorrow I'm leaving to Jakarta from Changi Airport at 11:55 Singaporean Time.

I hope everything is alright with you, my friends!
Kind Regards and ... good night!

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Last days in Singapore, Leaving

Added on Mon, 20 Sep 2010 21:17 GMT+1, from Singapore


The last post is coming a little late (and from Germany, after my first day at university), but there are some things missing to be described, which I experienced in Singapore at the end of my trip.

Well, I managed to take the plane from Bangkok to Singapore in the morning of Monday 13th September. Since I remembered my former Hostel "Sleepy Sam's" in Kampong Glam, I checked in again and luckily had nearly the whole dormitory for me alone. I went out to have lunch, after that just sat down in a bar near the river at Fullerton Bay and finally chilled out near the water in front the Esplanade.
On Tuesday, I actually wanted to visit Sentosa Island, but I slept until noon and got to know a really nice girl from Mexico in Sleepy Sam's hostel after having lunch. So, I postponed Sentosa. At that evening, we had a Karaoke Night at $10 Bar near Chinatown with the Mexican girl, her friend Vietnamese friend, Burkhard and some other friends from Singapore. On the next day (unfortunately the last full day in Asia), I finally went to Sentosa by Skytrain.
In the evening we had dinner together with a lot of friends, Jean-Paul was our guide for that evening and offered his house for playing Wii and enjoying the last hours in Singapore!

Unfortunately, I had to leave in the next morning. The plane to Dubai took off at 10:35AM from Changi Intl. Airport. At 7:40PM I arrived at Frankfurt Intl. Airport in Germany.

Back home!!
However, I'd have liked to stay in Asia (especially Singapore) some more days, weeks or even months, but ...

See you soon, mates!!!

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Added on Sat, 16 Jul 2011 08:13 GMT+8, from Singapore

Hey mates,
it's me again, writing from Singapore!

Christian and I started our trip to Southeast Asia on Wed Jul 13 from Dusseldorf Airport. It was a 3-part flight with transit in Dubai and another stop in Colombo (Sri Lanka). We arrived at Changi Intl. Airport in Singapore in the evening of the following Thursday.
On that evening we didn't do very much, except saying hello to our really kind host Ren in Toa Payoh, putting our luggage inside and took a cab (taxi) to visit a friend nearby and returned at 5.30am in the morning on Friday.
After that we slept until 3pm, since we have been really exhausted from the journey! Later that day we took the MRT to Bras Basah in order to have lunch. I remembered this restaurant from my trip last year. Of course, we wanted to see several interesting places in Singapore. So, I showed Christian around at Orchard Rd, we went to the rooftop of Orchard Central via the rooftop garden to see the awesome Skyline. Unfortunately, it started raining as soon as we arrived, but we enjoyed the great view anyway.
This year my good friend Jill and I managed to be in Singapore at the same time! We met her with another German friend named Julian at another restaurant close to Newton MRT Station. This “restaurant” provided many small shops where you can order different kinds of food (same as the restaurant at Bras Basah). My friend told me, that this kind of restaurant is called “hawker”, as soon as there are a few different food shops directly neighboured.
After finishing dinner, we met Annie (a friend from Vietnam) at Newton MRT station and we went to Marina Bay together. As you might remember from last year, I told you about the amazing view over the Singapore Skyline! We really loved to see the Marina Bay Sands and its light show, the Esplanade, the Merlion and just the walk along the Singapore river.
Jill told me she'd be sitting outside a bar in Clarke Quay later this evening, which is just a 30-minutes walk away from Marina Bay. We went to meet her and Julian again and ordered an Irish Red beer, which tasted a little like some fruity juice and turned into a slight beer taste afterwards.
That evening ended with some beers at home in Ren's apartment!

That's the first step.

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