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Spring in South-Germany

Added on Tue, 30 Mar 2010 18:37 GMT+1, from Germany

Hey my friends!

I didn't write for a long time. But now, as I finished the project for the final examinations of my apprenticeship, I need some days off. That's why I took to train (ICE 23) from Bonn to Regensburg. Unfortunately, it had a delay of about one hour and it ended non-scheduled in Frankfurt a.M. main station. There I had to wait for another 60 minutes and then take the ICE 25 to Regensburg. I arrived at 13:30, although my initial ticket said I should arrive at 11:22.
As I arrived in Sünching by regional train, I had dinner with my uncle and my aunt.

That was enough program for the first day. We plan to visit Regensburg and Passau in the following days, before I'm going to drive home on Saturday, Apr. 3rd.

Of course I will tell about my experiences in a few days.

Bye ...

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Walhalla and Regensburg

Added on Thu, 01 Apr 2010 21:12 GMT+1, from Germany

Here I am again!

Since the weather has been unexpectedly nice and warm yesterday (agains the weather forecast), I decided to drive around and take some photos.
So I drove to village called "Donaustauf", which is next to the river "Donau". From this village I was able to walk to the memorial "Walhalla". It is a big temple, containing 193 figures and memorial plaques, which shall remind of people or groups of people, who are somehow connected to the German history.
After that I drove to Regensburg and went through the city until the early evening.

Today I drove to Regensburg by train again in order to see some interesting places. I love those colourful houses as well as the houses in Gothic or Baroque Style. Regensburg is a very beautiful city. See for yourself!

That were the first two days. Let's see what the last two days will bring.

See you then!

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Marburg and surrounding

Added on Mon, 21 Mar 2011 01:09 GMT+1, from Germany

Hay mates!!

It didn't take too long between my last trip (England) and this trip I'm going to tell you about, now.

Since we didn't meet for about 6 months, I wanted to visit a very good friend of mine (Katharina) near Marburg. That's what I did.
On Friday, I departed at 5pm and arrivied at 10pm, after 2.5 hrs of traffic jam, which occurred due to a full-closure of a motorway in NRW.
Well, of course we didn't do much that evening.

Yesterday, Kath took me to Marburg by car and gave me a very nice, personal tour through the city and to the most beautiful places of the city!
There is a river called "Lahn" running through the city, lots of bars / pubs / restaurants / cafés overall, many small alleys ... really cute places spread!
Let me say, it's an ideal place for students. Life would be extremely funny, especially in summers!

Well, at that same evening, we opened a bottle of medium sweet white-wine and had some bread with cheese and stuff. Awesome!

Just see the pictures for any details!

See you soon!

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Two days in Berlin

Added on Tue, 21 Jun 2011 19:41 GMT+1, from Germany

And Berlin!!! again!

This time, a very good friend of mine went to Berlin on June 9th in order to visit his relatives. He asked me to come to Berlin for the weekend as well.
Thus, I booked a flight from Cologne to Berlin. And the first complications started after check-in, when I was waiting for boarding in front of the gate. The plane, which was supposed to depart at 5:55PM from Cologne to Berlin Tegel, was delayed for at least 170 minutes. So, the airline offered me to change my booking free of charge, allowing me to leave at 7:50PM instead of 8:50PM.
Nevertheless, I arrived in Berlin safely 55 minutes later and took the train to Savigny-Platz to meet Christian and his friends in a Cocktail bar.
After some cool and refreshing cocktails we went to Thorsten's flat in Berlin Treptow. I was really tired after this demanding day and I fell asleep almost instantly.

Everytime I come to Berlin, I have this feeling of pleasure! Since I've been there very often on business trips for my former employer, I know it quiet well and know many nice places to walk around and chill out. And of course I know many people and have many friends over there, which is one more reason to go there from time to time!

On the next day, we went to a good friend and former collegue Luke in Berlin Mitte, where we would stay for the following night. After having great self-made hamburgers for lunch, Christian took me to Berlin Schoeneweide and showed me around in those parts of Berlin he used to live until the age of seven.
Berlin Schoeneweide, as well as Treptow, is in the eastern part of Berlin, which used to be devided from the western part by the Berlin wall. This part of the city shows many beautiful and green places, beside old and rundown houses, old factories, which are not meant to be repaired again.
Just see the pictures!
During our journey through the southeast part of Berlin, we stopped at a pub, where Christian got an Erdinger and I took a typical "Berliner Weisse", which is available with two different tastes: Sweet woodroof and cherry.
After finishing our walk, we drove directly to the standard Irish Pub I visit every time I'm in Berlin. It is located in the basement of the Europacenter in Berlin Charlottenburg, includes a large area of bar, tables, chairs, benches, ... and very often the great atmosphere is supported by live-bands. Luckily, we chose the right day, so that we could listen British live-band as well!
Another thing I love about Berlin is the sociableness of all people, who are from the city originally! This is very different from those people in the west of Germany.
As a result, we (Luke, Christian and me) came into contact with two other girls and one guy, who were sitting at the table next to us. We talked a lot and played cardgames for the whole evening, while enjoying some beers, ciders and other British or Irish specialties.

On Sunday, we had to leave already at noon, unfortunately.
Actually, we wanted to take the train to Cologne, but we found a cheaper way by joining a guy, who was going to Cologne by car. We payed his fuel and had a relaxing and cheap journey home.

It's been a very spontaneous and awesome trip to Berlin!
Now, I am looking forward to my trip to Southeast Asia, which is going to start on July 13th.

See you then, mates!

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Journey to Berlin

Added on Fri, 04 Nov 2011 22:01 GMT+1, from Germany

Hey guys.

I'm writing to you from Berlin again!!
This time, Christian and I wanted to show a friend called Tatjana around in the city, because she has not be here before.

Today in the morning, Christian and I collected Eileen at Bonn Central Station and Tatjana in Cologne Porz and started our journey to Berlin in my car. The traffic was quiet okay, although we had one short traffic jam near Cologne and had to navigate around some other traffic jams in Berlin. Anyhow, we managed to arrive in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg at about 7pm. While waiting for a friend from Kiel called Matthias, who is fortunately able to host us here in his family's flat, we went to a supermarket called “Kaisers” and bought ingredients for hotdogs that we planned to prepare for dinner. After dinner, we went outside for the first time, in order to show Tatjana some beautiful places, that are worth to be seen at night. Two of those were the “Brandenburger Tor” near “Unter den Linden” as well as Friedrichstraße.
One of the first things that Christian told me about that area is that Matthias' flat is really close to the place, where my colleague and good friend Luke used to live, before he took off for his world trip.
Yesterday evening was not meant to become too exhausting for us though. So, we finished the evening with several Früh Kölsch beers, that we brought from Cologne. A very special thing about our place to live over here is the balcony with it's fantastic view over the city-roofs and especially the Berlin Television Tower! I took loads of photos of the tower and the streets below. Enjoy them!

The first day is over and we're tired!

See you tomorrow! ...

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Added on Sat, 05 Nov 2011 23:58 GMT+1, from Germany

Today, we got up at 8.15am and had an awesome breakfast in the living-room.
The first destination for today was the KaDeWe, a huge shopping mall in the very west of Berlin. It's just a casual thing that every tourist hast to see, when he/she is in Berlin for the first time. But they usually don't really buy much stuff there, because it's way too expensive (not cheap like in Southeast Asia). One good thing about this place is another great view over Berlin, or at least the western Part. After that we took the train to Alexanderplatz. We passed the Television Tower, the Berlin City Hall (Berliner Rathaus) and also entered the Berlin Cathedral. And this part was very interesting to me, as there was a guide about to explain details about the building itself as well as the religious and historical background. A funny thing I recognized was the name, that is written on the top of the organ. Check the picture for that! We were also told to enter the Cathedral's museum and the outside top floor, which allowed us to walk around the semi-spherical roof and take lots of photos. That's what we did. The sun was already standing low and we saw it would set soon. Of course the Cathedral is also beautiful building from the outside and built next to a wide garden, from which you can see the chancellery. The garden is called pleasure garden (German name: Lustgarten).
Our last sightseeing station for today was the Victory Column (German: “Siegessäule”) or Golden Lizzy (German: “Goldelse”). It was built in the 19th century to commemorate the Prussian victory in the Prussian-Danish War and carries 35 tons weighing sculpture of Victoria. The column is open to tourists and can be climbed to the top. But we did not to it this time, because there were too many people waiting. However, I have already climbed it a few years ago.

Well, that's all of sightseeing for this time – almost.
To finish the evening, we went to a Cocktail Bar called Timeless (German: Zeitlos), located at Savignyplatz, which is not far from Berlin Central Station and Friedrichstraße.

As I said before, it was “almost” the end of the day. Before we went home, we took the train to Potsdamer Platz, in order to see the famous Sony Center. The Center contains many bars/restaurants, cinemas, a huge fountain in the middle, hotels, offices, art and film museums, an IMAX theater and a “Sony Style” store and shows a very futuristic and urban design.

Now, that's it.
We're tired and unfortunately, we're going home tomorrow. We probably won't have the time to see more things tomorrow.

So, enjoy the pictures and see you soon!
(I'll be writing from Munich soon)

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Marienplatz and surrounding

Added on Sat, 10 Dec 2011 22:39 GMT+1, from Germany

Ho ho ho,

it's becoming cold slowly, but temperature has not been below zero yet. Instead it rained a little, although I expected to see snow here in Munich in December.

Anyhow, Alex and me were invited to visit two friends - Flo and Julia - in Munich, after Flo had been back home in the Eifel for a few days. So we took the flight on Thu Dec 8th, at 3.00pm from Cologne to Munich, everything went fine, the plane departed and arrived in time and we arrived at Flo's flat around 6.30pm. The flat is really nice, in a quiet area, that seems more like a huge village rather than a city. That's why Munich is also known as the "biggest village in the world".
After we dropped our baggage, we went to the next EDEKA supermarket and bought food and drinks for the next days. On that evening we made pizza for dinner and stayed at home afterwards, as we were quite exhausted. Instead, Flo mixed a few drinks with Absolute Vodka and Coke, with less alcohol than usual.

Yesterday, both Flo and Julia had to work early. Alex and I got up around 9.00am, had breakfast and then took the bus and subway to "Marienplatz" (English: Mary's Square), Munich's main square in the city center. This place is not only a huge shopping area, but also is dominated by many beautiful spots, like the New City Hall, the "Frauenkirche" (English: "Cathedral of Our Dear Lady") and the "Mariensäule" (English: Mary's Column). The whole Mary's place is built-up with trees and huts of a large Christmas Fair. All trees and small lanes are wonderfully decorated with fairy lights and other Christmas stuff. Really beautiful!

In the afternoon we met a friend of mine called Melissa. You might remember her from my this year's Southeast Asia trip, since I got to know her in Thailand, while I was waiting for the ferry. She had started to study in Munich this year and thus she could show us around in the area close to the university. We walked through some buildings of the university, including the main building, which is really amazing. When entering through the main entrance, we came into the "Lichthof" (English: something like "light yard"), which is still famous from the time of WW 2. At that time, two siblings (Sophie and Hans Scholl) formed a resistance group, but they were caught while distributing anti-government fliers. However, the group had already grown by many people and was named "Weiße Rose" (English: "White Rose"). Between the to buildings of the university's main campus, we could also see memorials for this group, showing examples of the fliers.
Not far from this place, we walked to a large public park called "Englischer Garten" (English: English Garden). It's a beautiful wide-spread area in the center of Munich and during the week crowded by many students, as it is close to the university's main campus. During this time of year, it's also ground for some Christmas fair huts, that we passed when going back to the city.

That's everything we did about sightseeing yesterday.
We went home, got refreshed again and finished the evening with many drinks in some bars close to "Muenchner Freiheit" train station with Flo.

Today, we slept long and had breakfast late. At about 3.00pm we left for the city again, this time with Flo and Julia.
Since we all were hungry, we went to an awesome Sushi Bar in the city and had a great meal. As you might know I really love Sushi! So it didn't cost much energy to persuade me :)
Unfortunately, I had forgotten to bring my camera to the city yesterday, so I brought it today and took some pictures. But when we arrived at Marienplatz today, it was already dark. Nevertheless, the pictures I took from the Cathedral, the Mary's Column and the whole festive decorated streets and buildings are really beautiful! Enjoy them!

Next time when I'm in Munich I will take more pictures at day and try to see the places again that we saw yesterday.

Well, that's it! Tomorrow I'm going to meet a friend

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